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Critical Criteria for Test Equipment: Part 2

August 31, 2012
Filed under: Test Stations, Wiring Devices 

Part two of a four part series that will examine some key features you want to consider when planning and configuring your manufacturing testing facilities.  Keep in mind, these individual features can often be combined or added onto an existing product for increased functionality.Show/Hide

Mixing Domestic and Exported Products

Appliances for North America and the International market are manufactured and tested in the same cell by using quick change test receptacles.  An outlet strip containing the carious receptacles may be used.  The test station can furnish the proper voltage to each.  The correct frequency can also be supplied if necessary.

Teach the Tester

If you manufacture products such as hair dryers or fans, but the product mix changes frequently, use a special feature that teaches the tester.  A good sample product is cycled through its various speeds and heat settings.  The tester measures the results and uses them (with tolerances applied) as test parameters to test similar products.  Safety tests such as dielectric strength are not affected with this process.

Central Data Collection Point

Networking all test stations within a product group to a host computer allows all test data to be retained at a single point.  This supports your data acquisition and statistical process control efforts.

Ground Verification

For operator safety, a second test circuit verifies that the frame of the product is held at a true ground potential whenever power is applied.

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