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Critical Criteria for Test Equipment: Part 3

September 12, 2012
Filed under: Service Tags, Test Stations, Wiring Devices 

Part three of a four part series that will examine some key features you want to consider when planning and configuring your manufacturing testing facilities.  Keep in mind, these individual features can often be combined or added onto an existing product for increased functionality.Show/Hide

Bar Coding of Products

If bar codes are available on the products, they provide an ideal way of programming the test station for the proper series of tests.

Dielectric Testing of Powered Products

If the product contains safety circuits, or if a minimum total test cycle time is desired, simultaneous testing should be considered.  This feature allows the product to be in operation during the performance of the dielectric test.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

When a product is plugged in the first time, or the operator is required to make adjustments to the electrical circuit, the use of GFCI’s should be considered.  Full time ground fault interrupter circuits protect the operator should they contact the electrical circuit.

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