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Critical Criteria for Test Equipment: Part 4

September 17, 2012
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This is the final part of our 4 part series that will examine some key features you want to consider when planning and configuring your manufacturing testing facilities.  Keep in mind, these individual features can often be combined or added onto an existing product for increased functionality.Show/Hide

Short Circuit Detection

With the initial application of power to a product there is always a possivility that the input power line to the product is short-circuited.  To protect the operator and the product, a short circuit detector can be used.  It operates faster than a circuit breaker and its level can be an adjustable test parameter.

Audit Station

When a high volume of appliances is being manufactured and tractability of each product is not required, an audit station becomes  practical solution.  Basic test stations without data acquisition are used in the manufacturing cells.  A single audit station is used to test samples from the line.  The audit station has extended test capacity and provides statistical analysis of the data for quality control.

Long Term Cycle Testing

A complete quality monitoring system calls for life cycle testing.  Cycle test stations allow continuous testing while monitoring and recording critical parameters.  Automatic controls assure functional tests are performed on schedule and out of tolerance products are turned off.  The automatic data collection system provides MTBF data as well as statistical analysis of the product’s performance.

Tracing Repair Actions

If a total product history is desired, repair action and audit results on non-conforming products can be recorded.  These can be traced to the affected product by model and serial number.

We hope you found these suggestions helpful and informative.  Feel free to leave your own in the comments section or ask us any questions you might have.


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