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Service Tags for Rental Equipment
For Multi-Purpose Service
Type 153 Service Tags
Don't Be Fooled by Paper Imitations!
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Durable tags demonstrate that equipment has been serviced and is ready for rental. The system offers liability protection and tractability to encourage inspection by employees. 

The tags are filled out and attached to the equipment as it is returned to the rental dealer.


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   An Easy to Use Product at Practical Price!


• Enhance your image and give your customer confidence
• Provides liability protection
• Meets insurance company requirements
• Multi-color for quick identification
• Connect with the optional 159 plastic ties or order the 159-W for pre-wired tags
• Always in stock
Size: 3 inches wide, 6 inches tall  
Material: Waterproof 1079 Tyvek (TM) stock with fiber patch  
Ties: Plastic with locking fastener  
Sold in packages of 1000 (M)
Type 153 Series Pre-Wired Tags, Type 153W
1M $106.00  per M 1M $116.00  per M
2M $95.40  per M 2M $104.40  per M
5M $93.28  per M 5M $102.08  per M
10M $90.10  per M 10M $98.60  per M
25M $86.92  per M 25M $95.12  per M
50M $84.80  per M 50M $92.80  per M



"You have a wonderful work force who should be praised for the excellent work. Your customer service is most helpful and the service we have gotten is the best of any company that we've dealt with. I hope you will let everyone know what a great job they do."
Weslet Thompkins
Brooks True Value 



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