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Sotcher Measurement has been supplying testing equipment to manufacturers for over forty years! We have been working with various manufacturers to create testing products that fit into their environment and space. We make every effort to fully understand the products they wish to test and how the test station can be integrated into their IT standards. To give you some ideas on the types of applications we have filled visit our APPLICATIONS page.
Much of our custom built equipment is composed of standard electronic modules that we have designed so that they can be applied in a wide variety of applications. The controlling software has also evolved in a form that allows us to apply the portions needed for the application without having to write a new software for each application. All of these factors combine to bring you test equipment created to your specification at a very practical price. Whether your products are electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic we can create a test station for you!



Leakage Current Testers

Easy to use testers used to verify the safety and performance of portable electric products. They test tools and appliances as well as armatures and field windings.



A range of products used to verify the load capacity and performance of portable generators. The group also includes ground bond testers for generators.


Designed for production testing of electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic products.


These testers are all designed to perform engineering and production acceptance testing of electrical products. Some of these testers also check ground continuity, ground bonding, and AC leakage.


Products to test and repair power cords and extension cords.


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Nationally Recognized Sotcher Measurement Inc. test equipment is in common use throughout the United States by major manufactures of power tools and appliances.