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Power Cord Repair Material

Power Cord Repair Kit, Model 914

Stop Throwing Away or Shortening Your Expensive Power Cords

A reliable way to splice or repair portable power cords that meets OSHA requirements. The material complies with OSHA requirements under the provisions of Section 400-9 for the National Electrical Code.

PRICE:   $90.00

An Easy to Use Product at a Practical Price!


When heated with a propane or electric torch, the sleeve shrinks tightly around the cable. Simultaneously the adhesive melts and seals the damage area from moisture.
914 Power Cord Repair Kit (includes 4-931, 3-932, 2-941, 50-953)  
Outer Sleeves 
931 O.S., 12", 1/4-3/4" Dia         
932 O.S., 12", 3/8-1" Dia        
933 O.S., 12", 1/2-1 1/2" Dia        
934 O.S., 12",3 /4-2" Dia        
935 O.S., 12", 3/8-1 1/4" Dia, 4:1        
Inner Sleeves
941 I.S., 12",1 /8-3/8" Dia        
942 I.S., 12", 3/16-1/2" Dia       
$25 Minimum Order

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