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• 2 1/8 Inches Wide, 4 1/4 Inches Tall
• Water Resistant Stock with Metal Eyelet
• Eight Specific Types are Available
• Provides Traceability to Encourage Inspection


• 3 Inches Wide, 6 Inches Tall
• Waterproof 1079 Tyvek Stock with Fiber Patch
• Guaranteed for Any Weather Conditions and Usage
• Created Specifically for Those Renting and Servicing Construction Equipment
• Designed for Both Scheduled Maintenance and Repair


• Add a sparkle to your service tags - customize them with your logo and represent your brand identity.
• We can provide tags with any printing and in any size you need.




• 3 Inches Wide, 6 Inches Tall
• Water Resistant Stock with Metal Eyelet
• Combines the Ready to Rent and Service Required Tags Into a Single, Multi-Purpose Tag



• 3 1/4 Inches Wide by 8 Inches Tall
• Water Resistance Stock with a Metal Eyelet
• Three Tear-Off Tabs
• Provides Traceability and Improves Liability Protection


• Low Cost
• Ideal for Any Safety Testing Program



Nationally Recognized Sotcher Measurement Inc. test equipment is in common use throughout the United States by major manufactures of power tools and appliances.