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Type 1610 Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
This easy to understand manual will assist you in servicing electrical tools and generators
 •  Basic Electricity
 •  Electrical Safety
 •  Electrical Testing Devices
 •  Components and Component Testing
 •  Testing and Inspection Equipment
 •  Extension Cords
 •  Electric Motors
 •  Generators
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Written by Fred Sotcher, electrical engineer and founder of Sotcher Measurement Inc. From his 18 years of articles in Rental Equipment Register.



Type 1655 Rental Center DVD
If you rent equipment, this is the video for you!
 •  The proper use of electrical products found in rental centers
 •  The proper use of tool testers and armature testers
 •  How to identify the sources of problems in electric motors
 •  How Ground Fault Interrupters work
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Model 1612 "Electrical Repair" DVD
Introduction into testing electrical tools and generators
 •  How common electrical circuits work
 •  Why accidents occur and how to prevent them
 •  How to best use tool testers, generator testers and armature testers
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Nationally Recognized Sotcher Measurement Inc. test equipment is in common use throughout the United States by major manufactures of power tools and appliances.