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Warranty and Manufacturer Support Information for Custom Equipment
Sotcher Measurement Inc. offers full support and calibration service on all of its custom and standard test equipment. These services range from telephone support to calibration/maintenance at your facility. This document explains these services in the order in which they are normally used.
Please note, this information ONLY applies to Custom Equipment.


Telephone Support
Initial Support - When new custom-built test equipment is installed at your facility we provide 10 hours of free telephone support within the first year of installation to deal with system questions and software program adjustments.
Extended support - We offer a support direct Hot line. This exclusive direct telephone service number bypasses all operators and takes you directly to an electronic or software engineer. When the support person is not available it allows you to page or record a voice message. After any page or message is recorded, the system immediately notifies the support person to respond to the request. Calls received on this direct line are the support person's first priority and receive immediate attention.
Computer based test equipment can have a web interface installed. This allows us direct connection to the system when service is required. With the password security system installed, there is no risk of unauthorized tampering with the operating hardware/software system.
The purchase order should read "For engineering support service as required over the next twelve months". To be billed only as a service is requested and authorized.

All test stations are certified to comply with the current revision of U.L. Test Specifications. CSA Test Standards, the National Electrical Code and OSHA Specifications.

Limited Warranty
All instruments manufactured by Sotcher Measurement Inc. are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. We will repair or replace products, which prove to be defective provided they are returned to Sotcher Measurement Inc. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and no responsibility is assumed for consequential damage. In no case shall liability exceed the purchase price. Computer and computer peripherals are covered under the manufacturer's individual warranty.

Extended Warranty
For custom designed products the warranty coverage can be extended indefinitely by sending the tester to us once a year for service and re-calibration. This keeps the tester under warranty, in good working condition, and calibrated in accordance with NIST standards. Free loaners of standard testers are available upon request. Test equipment received from manufacturers receive fast priority service. Computers and computer peripherals are normally covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

To make the best use of our technical support and service programs, we recommend the following:
1. Evaluate the new test equipment as soon as practical when it is received.
2. If we are installing the test equipment, work with the installer to insure the hardware and software is setup    to meet your requirements.
3. If the test equipment is computer based, install a modem and Laplink program so we can provide on-line service.
4. Purchase the annual on-site service contract as part of your initial equipment order. This insures that there are no unexpected labor expenses to maintain your test equipment.
5. Have your maintenance personnel available at the time of installation so they can be trained to perform routine service and repair. With the use of the spare parts kit, the technical information supplied with the test station and our telephone support you can avoid the risk of unscheduled shutdowns. 


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Nationally Recognized Sotcher Measurement Inc. test equipment is in common use throughout the United States by major manufactures of power tools and appliances.