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Automatic Test Stations
Production Test Equipment
Hydraulic Test Equipment
Ensures the Safety and Performance of Your Production Products

• Custom Designed
• Manually Operated
• Wide Range of Applications
• Economical Test Stations with Fixed Parameters
• No Data Acquisition
• Common Tests Include:
 - Ground Wire Continuity
 - Dielectric Strength
 - Insulation Resistance
 - Current Draw
 - Power Consumption



Built to Your Specifications to Test Any Electrical Product
• Full Data Acquisition
• AC/DC Hi-Pot Test
• Insulation Resistance Test
• Line Voltage Leakage Test
• True Power Measurements
• Full Power Operational Tests
• High Current Bond or Continuity Tests
• Speed Measurements
• Temperature Measurements
• Vibration Measurements


Built to Your Specifications to Test Compressors, Values, Actuators or Controls
• Full Data Acquisition
• Programmable Test Parameters
• FR Wireless Pick-Ups
• Operational Tests
• Special Test Chambers
• Flow Measurements


Economic Solution for Lower Volume Production Lines and Repair Stations
• All 120V Power Products in Common Use Can be Tested
• Manually Operated
• The Quality and Continuity of the Ground Circuit is Measured
• Adjustable 0-3000 Volts AC Test Voltage
• No Data Acquisition



Designed to Your Specifications for Production Testing
• AC/DC Hi-Pot
• Line Voltage Leakage
• Operational Tests
• Ground Wire Continuity
• No Data Acquisition Required


Built to Your Specifications to Test Pumps, Values, Actuators or Controls
• Full Data Acquisition
• Pressure Measurements
• Pressure Decay
• Static & Dynamic Stall Pressure
• Temperature Measurements
• Motion Control
• Programmable Test Parameters
• Flow Measurements


These are Fully Automatic Test Stations that Meet Most Customers' Requirements with No Engineering Efforts, Thus No Non-Recurring Charges
• Full Data Acquisition with SPC
• 0-3000 VAC / 0-2500 VDC Hi-Pot
• 500VDC, 1 - 200 Meg Ohms Insulation Resistance
• 0-2500 Watt Power Measurements
• 0-20 Amp Operational Test
• 30 Amp Ground Bond Test
• Programmable Test Parameters



Nationally Recognized Sotcher Measurement Inc. test equipment is in common use throughout the United States by major manufactures of power tools and appliances.