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The Sotcher Generator Test Set

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Pinnacle Power Solutions in Shipshewana, IN has taken over all of the manufacturing as well as all the service and repair for the Sotcher Generator Test Set. Our goal is to bring you the highest quality Generator Test Sets as well as dependable service.

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Leakage Current Tester and Hi-Pot Tester Calibration


Product Details

Model 632

A Self-Contained Load Bank for Electrical Load Testing of AC Generators

15,000 Watts, 120/240V, 50-70Hz

This Generator Test Set provides a fully controllable load that mimics the real load that the generator or engine would see in normal operation. Its use allows the performance of both the engine and generator to be evaluated. Now you can be sure that your generators and alternators are providing the output they should, and at the proper voltage and frequency.

Fast and easy to use, the test set is fully self-contained with no external equipment except adapters required.

Generator Test Set


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  • Totally Self-Contained
  • Verify Generator Performance
  • Direct Frequency Meter
  • Voltage Meter for Accurate 120V or 120/240V Testing
  • Ammeter is Dual Range, 0-10A or 0-100A
  • Auto On – Delay Off Fan Allows Full Continuous Operation
  • Adapter Storage on Either Side of the Unit for Convenience
  • Built to Last a Lifetime


Adapters must be purchased separately from the Generator Test Set

Specialty and Custom adapters are also available upon request

Part #
Part Description
Connect between Test Set and 125/250V, L14-30P locking receptacle.
Connect between 40608 and 125/250V, 20A, NEMA L14-20P locking receptacle.
Connect between 40608 and 125V, 30A, NEMA L5-30P locking receptacle.
Connect between 40608 and 125V, 20A, NEMA L5-20P locking receptacle.
Connect between 40608 and 125V, 15/20A, NEMA 5-15P receptacle.
Connect between 40608 and 250V, 20A, NEMA L6-20 locking receptacle.
Connect between Test Set and 50A, California Style Plug CS6365C.
Connect between 40608 and NEMA 6-20P Straight Blade.

Bundle Pricing

632 Test Set + all adapters$3,999.30
632 Test Set + Basic Adapter Set$3,499.80
Includes adapters:
40608, 40609, 40610, 40611, 40612


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