Sotcher Model 632

Legacy Electrical Test Equipment

A tribute to the Sotcher name

Pinnacle Power Solutions is your source for Sotcher test units, source replacement parts, and equipment repairs.

High voltage power lines



Order Replacement Parts for your existing Model 632



We service all Sotcher Generator Test Sets regardless of age or model



Leakage Current Tester and Hi-Pot Tester Calibration


The Sotcher Legacy

For nearly half a century, Sotcher has held a legacy in the world of electrical test equipment.
Pinnacle Power Solutions in Shipshewana, IN, has taken over the manufacturing as well as the service and repair for Sotcher Test Equipment. Today, our goal is to bring you the highest quality products and dependable services that carry on the Sotcher name.

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For equipment repairs, send all physical mail and units to the address listed below. Please include your company name and a current phone number.

Pinnacle Power Solutions
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