Model 350

If you are a rental store or tool crib, this is the tester for you!

The SHORT STOP Model 350 verifies the safety and performance of electrical equipment. It’s fast and easy! Just plug in the tool, attach the ground clip and operate the push buttons 1-5. No special skill or training required.

The SHORT STOP Model 350 is designed to test 120V metal cased and double insulated tools and appliances drawing up to 20A. It provides fast and accurate means of insuring the electrical safety and integrity of products including power tools, appliances and extension cords.

This is the tester of choice in tens of thousands of rental stores and tool cribs though out the country.

Model 350


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Full 20A Current Capacity
All 120V power tools that rates up to 20A can be tested.

Low Maintenance
The Model 350 SHORT STOP offers solid state electronic circuits, dependable neon displays, and components recognized by Underwriters Laboratories.

Line to Line Short
Tester activates a Short-Line lamp and locks out all other circuits if line to line impedance of item under test is three ohms or less. This protects the equipment under test and the tester’s internal circuits.

Line to Case Short
Tester activates a Short-Case lamp if the line to case fault current exceeds 10 milliamps.

Tests quality of ground wire
The quality and continuity of the ground circuit is measured. Poor quality ground connections are rejected.

Verifies tool performance
Dual-scale ammeter reads the current drawn by tool. This helps identify defective bearings, gear trains, shorted coils or poor brush contact.

Tests extension cords
A built-in extension cord test checks continuity and ground wire resistance.
Direct Reading Leakage Meter
Displays actual leakage current with good, marginal and danger levels clearly shown.

Provides a built-in reference for self-verification

Dual Scale Ammeter
Current draw by the product is displayed on a dual scale ammeter. The upper scale reads 0-20 amperes, the lower scale reads 0-5 amperes. This helps identify defective bearings, gear trains, shorted coils or poor brush contact.

No Dangerous High Voltage
All tests are performed at normal line voltage. Repeated high voltage testing degrades a tool’s insulation and presents an employee hazard.

User Friendly
The Number 1 to 5 test buttons and the PASS and FAIL lamps make it so easy that employees are encouraged to check their tools before each use.

Built, Sold and Serviced in the U.S.
For over four decades Sotcher Measurement, Inc. has provided latest state-of-the-art electrical test equipment that is easy to use and maintain. Our customers rely on our products to verify the safety of the electrical devices they rent, use or manufacture. We feel this commitment very deeply. In response, we do our utmost to insure that the products we offer are of the highest quality and performance, consistent with good value.

We continue to design, manufacture and service all of our products in the United States. We are proud to be able to offer our customers fine American products that are easy to use at a practical price.

Input Voltage: 120VAC, 20A, 60Hz
Output Voltage: 120VAC, 20A, 60Hz
Line to Line Short: 3 Ohms @ 60 Volts
Line to Case Short: 10 mA AC @ 60 Volts
Ground Continuity: 0.5 Ohms, +/-10%
Leakage Current Test: 0.1 – 10mA
Meters Accuracy: +/-3%
Dimensions: 6 inches high, 10-1/2 inches wide, 13-1/2 inches long
Weight: Approximately 10 pounds

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